New Year…New branding.

January 1, 2019
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January 1, 2019 Tom Dyer

New Year…New branding.

Soooooo…..this is just the beginning.  Actually, maybe not the beginning….I’ve been branding myself for years.  Let’s step back a bit…

Those that have been following me for a long time may remember that I branded myself many years ago (back in 2003/4) as Dangerous Dyer.  This was a nickname given to me by my next-door neighbour when I was about 15 years old.  Why?  It was in no way because I was Dangerous, nor did it reflect my skills in flair bartending as being dangerous.  It was quite the opposite if you think about it.  I was probably the least threatening / dangerous person on the flair bartending scene.  Someone (Troy Huston – once organiser of the roadhouse world flair) once said “who said nice guys finish last”.  I think that says it all.

This was taken at Roadhouse circa 2007.  It shows the full logo I used to use with the ‘DD’, “dangerousdyer’ and the shadow outline of myself doing an elbow stall


This was taken in Taiwan around 2008. It was in the middle of a competition I was judging with Marco Canova.  This is the simpler version of the logo I used on stage with jus the ‘DD’

This was an image created for promotion of the shop I had on my website at the time.


So where did the nickname come from.  Those living in the United Kingdom might remember a British comedian called Brian Connelly.  He used to have a character he played called “Dangerous Brian”.  (You can see where this is going).  The sketch was obviously very funny (in my opinion), a little bit stupid and I loved it.  So, this is where my neighbour took the idea form and started calling me “Dangerous”.  He still calls me it to this day.  Thanks George

Here is a link to see Dangerous Brian in action:

The Dangerous Dyer branding stuck with me for a long time and I still see it come up every now and again.  My email address still has dangerousdyer in it, but slowly I will be stepping away from it.    

I did have another nickname for a little while.  “The Professor”.  This was given to me by Nicholas Saint-Jean on a trip to Las Vegas for the first “King of The Ring” Competition, in 2004 of which he won.  He gave nicknames to the rest of the team we were travelling with too.  Neil Garner (The Gentlemen), Neil Lowrey (The Psycho), Florian Bueren (The Machine) and Steve Harman (The Playboy), Nicholas (the monk).

This clip wasn’t from the 2004 King of the Ring, but 2005 where I came 2nd to Christian Delpech

This was a great name to have this infinitesimal association with the world famous Jerry “The Professor” Thomas, having the same nickname, but mine was given to me because of my looks.  Apparently I looked like a college professor or a future college professor.  I think it was because of the glasses. I went with out nonetheless.


My girlfriend at the time said that was my nickname because, in her words “you teach people a thing or two when you go on stage”.  She knew how to feed my ego.

Of course, I was still known as Tom Dyer throughout these years and after everything that is where I am going back to.

Tom Dyer is what I will be using from now on.  Why not, that is my name after all.  Well, it isn’t my full name.  My Full name is Thomas A Dyer.  Follow me on Twitter and send your guesses as to what the ‘A’ stands for on Twitter @TomDyerBar10der.  Correct answers will receive a tag on my next posts on social media. 🙂

So, this is it.  The new logo, colours and branding style.  There are more variations of it, but this is the main design for now.  Let me know what you think?


Thanks for reading.

Happy New Year


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